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Traditional strategies have tended to involve detailed action plans and a mass of quantitative targets. Under this approach, success was simply measured by an increase in numbers (e.g. affiliated clubs, junior sections). The problem with targets is that they say nothing about the quality of the delivery or the aspirations and needs of our cricketing community or the wider environment. Additionally, there is a tendency to measure activities which are dictated to us rather than looking at the needs and aspirations of the local cricket community.
There is another approach which challenges us to think and re-think our vision and purpose and ask ourselves what we can and should be doing and for whom. Greater clarity should enable us to:

  • Agree what it is we aim to achieve – based on our knowledge and insight
  • Focus on what is important to our customers
  • Improve the way we work (internally and with our partners).
  • Offer better services to our customers in line with their needs, wants & expectations.
  • Identify ways of inspiring new groups of people to choose cricket

This new approach does not require us to reinvent ourselves but it does give us the opportunity and the means to challenge our existing strategy and to create a different emphasis and way of thinking. In summary, this allows us to focus on what we do things for rather than what things we do.

The Bucks Cricket Network

To be most effective, it is vital that all organisations delivering cricket in Bucks are engaged in developing, discussing and agreeing the strategic outcomes. This includes the Cricket Board, the County Club, MKDCA, Leagues, Clubs, Officials, Coaches and Schools. Consultation with key partners such as Local Authorities, County Sports Partnership (CSP) and ECB ensures that our higher level outcomes are aligned with national and regional strategy for sport and physical activity.
Above all, it’s our customers who will drive our outcomes and it’s only by developing a greater insight into their needs and aspirations that we can develop a truly effective strategy.

Cricket – The Bucks Way has four key elements:
  • 1. What we do and what we want to achieve
  • 2. What we are doing them for
  • 3. Our achievements in conjunction with partners & other providers of culture & sport services
  • 4. The social, health and economic benefits to which our achievements will contribute
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