This page answers many of the questions related to trials. If you do not find an anwer here please contact us

Am I eligible to play for Bucks?

Anyone who was born, is resident, is attending a school in Bucks or is a member of a club affiliated to Bucks Cricket Board is eligible to play for the county.

Can I transfer from another County?

We do not actively pursue the transference of players from other Counties. If you wish to transfer please contact both your home County Board and ourselves with your reason for wishing to transfer. With the agreement of both counties and subject to ECB regulations on transfers, yes you can if you meet the eligibility criteria.

What standard do I need to be?

We would like all of our players to be consistent performers with bat or ball, and in the field, for their Club or School. We would expect candidates in the U10-U12 age groups to at least be playing for the 'A' team or 1st XI at their club and school. Those in the older age groups will also be in the top team for their age and be playing regular open age (adult) cricket.

When do trials take place?

There will be trial matches in late summer for the U10, U11 and U15 age groups followed by indoor trials in the autumn for all age groups.

How do I get a trial?

You must be nominated by your club or school cricket coach. Coaches will be asked to nominate players by the 15th July 2013

What are my chances?

If you are an outstanding cricketer or show potential to become one then your chances are very good. However, competition is strong and we have up to 50 players competing for a place in a squad of 14, some of whom will be squad players from the previous year who have retained their place.

Can I re-apply if I don't get in this year?

Most certainly. Some players develop later than others and we have had squad members joining in all age groups who have not been selected when they were younger.

Does it cost anything to trial?

No, but if selected for a training squad parents will be expected to pay for the costs incurred in hiring halls and paying coaches.

If I am selected at the trials does this mean I will play for the county?

Not necessarily, at each age group we have a winter training squad and/or development squads. 14-15 players will be selected to represent the county at their age group

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