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Grants for Covers
To deliver high quality cricket, our players and coaches must have access to a network of high quality facilities. The BCB provides a comprehensive support and advice service through its Facilities Advisory Group (FAG).

  • Chairman, Robin Carr (Director - Facilities & Funding)

The primary role of the FAG is to assist in developing and implementing the Board’s Cricket Facilities Strategy and to work with clubs, schools and sports centres in developing the following facilities:
  • Fine turf pitches
  • Non turf pitches
  • Clubhouses/pavilions/changing rooms
  • Indoor practice facilities
  • Machinery
  • Ancillary facilities
  • Security of tenure

The FAG also provides support and advice on sources of funding.  These are just some of the potential sources available to clubs:ECB Small Grants - this scheme usually runs for a short period early in the year. Please look at our news pages for current information.
  • ECB Grant Aid Scheme
  • ECB Interest Free Loan Scheme
  • Sources of Grant Aid and Funding

The Lord's and Lady Taverners
The Taverners support junior cricket and in particular are a good source of funding for Non-Turf Pitches and Practice Nets ...more info
There is also a scheme to assist with kit. The LTs offer a range of kit aimed at the U8, U11, U13 and U16 age ranges, as well as kit specifically designed for girls aged 15-18 years. The kit bags contain enough items to equip a full team: bats, pads, balls, helmets, gloves, stumps and are provided at a nominal cost ... more info
NatWest CricketForce
To find out how NatWest CricketForce can be turned to the benefit of your Club, in terms of discounts for ground improvement equipment, please click on the link belowhttp://www.ecb.co.uk/development/facilities-funding/self-build-and-self-help/natwest-cricketforce/
BCB Affiliation Package
We've negotiated price discounts with a number of suppliers. These are exclusive to BCB-affiliated clubs and can't be published here. Unfortunately you still have to go to our old (legacy) website to get full details. Click on this link
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Bucks Youth Cricket Trust www.byct.org.uk
The Trustees are willing to consider applications from individuals, schools or clubs in Buckinghamshire to assist with the purchase of junior cricket equipment and kit, or to cover other relevant expenses such as travel.
Usually applications, which should be made by email by a parent, teacher, club official or other appropriate adult, are invited twice a year – for the start of the season and in the autumn. However BYCT will also consider cases of real hardship at other times.
Funds are limited and so applicants should detail the nature and amount of expenditure, amount requested and reasons why the Trust should give financial support.
For enquiries on all matters relating to facilities & funding, please contact Clifton Simms.
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