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Entering Results

Please note if you do not have a manger registered for a team you will not be able to enter results for that team.

You must have logged in with your username and password. Navigate to Competitions->(Youth)Enter Results

Select either a league or a cup age group.

For cup matches it is simply a case of clicking on the winner.

For league matches you should enter the type of result -

Result - the match was played and a result obtained

Abandoned - the match either was not played or no result was obtained (at least 10 overs of the second innings to be complete)

Walk-Over (w/o) This is where the opposition have conceded the match without it being played. Please note this is not a subjective assessment of the result!

Match Length - normally this will be 20 overs, if both teams have agreed to have a shorter game (>= 10 overs) then enter the agreed length. This is important for the system to correctly calculate  the result.

Enter the overs, runs and wickets for each team - note retiring batsman count as a wicket (see below), for pairs cricket enter the actual score at the end of the innings and the number of wickets which fell.

Click on the "Validate Result" button - the system will attempt to work out the correct result based on your data, if you agree then click on the "Result is correct" button otherwise re-enter the match details.

Batsman Retiring

When a batsman retires on reaching the specified number of runs for his age group then he is retired out.
He may not bat again during the innings and his wicket is recorded as a wicket fallen and subject to the regulations regarding bonus points, tied cup matches etc.
This is entirely consistent with the Laws and regulations for the competitions. It has the slight anomaly that the opposition may gain a bonus bowling point for a wicket but who will begrudge them that?

Matches finishing before the scheduled overs have been bowled, both competition formats
If 10 overs of the second innings have not been completed then the match is considered to be abandoned. You may replay the match if both teams agree up until the deadline date.
If 10 overs of the second innings have been completed then the result is calculated on the run rate of both teams. If the team batting first did not use all of their allocated overs then the run rate is calculated as if they had done so.
For league matches the result will be automatically calculated by the website.

Example 1
Team A bats for 20 overs scoring 114, run rate = 5.7
Team B bats for 11 overs before rain stops play and scores 61, run rate = 5.55
Team A wins on superior run rate. 

Example 2
Team A is all out in the 16th over having scored 99 , run rate is 99/20 = 4.95 Note 20 overs rather than 16 as they are all out.
Team B bats for 13 overs and scores 71 , run rate = 61/13 = 5.46
Team B wins on superior run rate.

Tied Matches
Matches may be tied in the league and the points are shared, the number of wickets that have fallen is not taken into account so if the scores are level the match is tied.
In cup matches the winner is determined by the team losing the least number of wickets or if still tied then counting back through the 19th , 18th etc overs until one team has the higher score at the end of the over.

Match ends level with both teams having scored 121

16 17 18 19 20
Team A 92 95 107 118 121
Team B 89 94 105 118 121

At the end of the 17th over Team A had 107 runs and Team B has 105 so Team A wins.

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