Kwik Cricket Key Stage 2 Competition

Kwik Cricket aims to provide children of all levels of ability and experience with an opportunity to regularly participate in a fun, introduction to cricket and to encourage fair play by all. The format is suitable for all ages but is mostly suitable for players under the age of 11.

Bucks Cricket Board Kwik Cricket, since 2013, has seen a growth of 70% across all of the schools age group competition and proved that Kwik Cricket is still recognised as one of the UK's largest Primary School sporting initiatives. The excellent weather in 2014 made the season the most successful to date.

In 2015, the Kwik Cricket ‘offer’ will be under review to ensure that it is fit-for-purpose and achieving the outcome of getting more children playing more frequently in teams. This will include the competition, the resources, the equipment, the ability to support teachers within education and opportunity to get more children migrating to cricket clubs.

The Competition

The main Kwik Cricket Competition is open to State Primary and Middle Schools throughout England and Wales. The local competition is open to Independent Schools at the discretion of the Bucks CB but they will not progress further than the County Final stage. There are school competitions for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6, boys and girls.

For further information please contact Bucks Cricket Board or your local School Games Organiser.

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