This section contains the Bucks Cricket Board's Discipline Regulations and associated documents.  All disciplinary proceedings, whether conducted by the Board itself or by an affiliated club, league or association, must comply with the principles of natural justice.  In particular, accused parties must be afforded the opportunity to prepare and state their case.

It is recommended that affiliated clubs, leagues and associations produce their own discipline regulations which are specific to their constitutions.  Alternatively, bodies may choose to formally adopt the BCB Discipline Code or the ECB Model Regulations, as amended from time to time.  In either case, it is recommended that disciplinary panels conduct hearings in accordance with the guidelines published by the ECB and set out in this section.  It is important to note that in making their determination, the standard of proof shall be on the balance of probabilities rather than the criminal standard of beyond reasonable doubt. 

The Sentencing Guidelines are intended to assist disciplinary panels in coming to fair and just decisions but are not intended to fetter their discretion to decide on the penalty appropriate to any individual case.

Any affiliated body seeking assistance on any disciplinary matter should contact the Board Chairman, Cliff Pocock, or Secretary, Martin Watts, before commencing any disciplinary proceedings.


BCB Discipline Code

Guidelines on the Conduct of Hearings and Appeals

Sentencing Guidelines

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