Welcome to the Bucks Cricket Board

Thank you for visiting the new Bucks Cricket Board website. I hope you enjoy the new clean presentation and find it easy to locate the information that is important to you

The layout of our new website reflects the strategic elements of our programme for cricket in Bucks.   Each part of our programme is important to us, whether it’s the coaching programme for our elite players, our Chance to Shine coaching in primary schools or our wide range of courses for umpires, scorers, coaches and volunteers.  These contrasting elements of our programme combine to achieve a common set of strategic outcomes for Bucks Cricket:

  • We want cricket to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for personal development, improved social skills and lifelong learning, whether through playing or in another role.
  • We want more people to choose to become involved and remain in cricket throughout their lives.
  • We need more people to develop their skills to maximise their contribution to cricket.
  • It is vital that cricket has a vibrant and sustainable network accessible to everyone in Bucks.

Above all, we should not underestimate the important role that sport plays in improving the health and well being of everyone in Bucks. Perhaps more than any other sport, cricket is a classless game, played by all sections of society. That in itself makes it a perfect vehicle for building stronger communities.

Please help us make cricket the sport of choice in Bucks.

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