Affiliation and Membership

In accordance with the Board’s Articles of Association, affiliation and membership of Bucks Cricket Board Ltd is open to any club, league, association, organisation or agency upon payment of the appropriate affiliation fee.
Members located within Buckinghamshire are entitled to attend general meetings and elect the Company’s directors.

Members located outside of Buckinghamshire are entitled to attend meetings but have no voting rights. Members should note that their membership is terminated if the affiliation fee or any other sum due to the Company is not paid within six months of it falling due.
Members must nominate a representative who is authorised to attend meetings and vote on the Member’s behalf. The nominee shall continue to be the authorised representative until written notice to the contrary is received by Bucks Cricket Board Ltd.

The affiliation process is set out on the My Club page

Any questions concerning membership should be addressed to the Company Secretary -  Contact Martin Watts

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