Child Welfare

BCB and its National Governing Body, the ECB, are firmly and enthusiastically committed to continuing to provide an environment that is safe, welcoming and friendly for children and for all people to enjoy the game of cricket.

Safeguarding in cricket is based upon providing an enjoyable environment that meets the needs and requirements of children. A welcoming environment where children are asked for and are able to offer their views and opinions (for example, about the game, training sessions, or arrangements generally) is also a safer environment, where children feel more able to share concerns, and everyone feels more able to challenge poor practice or behaviour.

ECB has produced Safe Hands - Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children which can be downloaded from www.ecb.co.uk/ecb/safeguarding-children-and-child-protection/safe-hands.

Safe Hands does more than protect children in cricket, it promotes good practice, helps raise awareness and ensures people know what to do if they have any concerns about children or about the behaviour of adults in cricket.

Full details of the ECB’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and other relevant documentation plus guidance on Vetting Checks and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, are available at http://www.ecb.co.uk/ecb/safeguarding-children-and-child-protection

ECB do not process DBS Application Forms in-house. This is undertaken on behalf of the ECB by an external company - TMG CRB. If you have a query relating to requesting DBS Application Forms; completing the ECB DBS application form; following up on the progress of an application(s); or informing of a change of address or contact numbers please contact TMG CRB - 0845 2513000 or email [email protected] or go to www.tmgcrb.co.uk/cricket

If you have any safeguarding queries or require further information please contact the Buckinghamshire CB County Welfare Officer, David Honeyball or the ECB’s Safeguarding team at [email protected] or Tel: 020 7432 1200.
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