In Buckinghamshire, the training and development of umpires and scorers is delegated to the Buckinghamshire Association of Cricket Officials. BACO is an independently constituted body, affiliated to the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Bucks Cricket Board

Its aims and objectives are to:
  • Improve the standard of umpiring and scoring by instruction, preparation for assessment, observation, mentoring and by any other appropriate means
  • To promote and improve the status of umpires and scorers and to protect their interests. By assisting and co-operating with cricket clubs and bodies to try and improve the game and the application of its laws.
  • To appoint umpires and scorers to matches arranged by the Bucks Cricket Board and/or on behalf of clubs affiliated to them
  • To provide support and guidance to any individual or organisation involved with cricket.

BACO Umpire courses

Introductory evenings

BACO runs introductory courses on request. These are of 2-4 hours duration and are designed is to assist individuals (players, parents, etc.) to gain a basic understanding of the Laws. No prior knowledge is required.

ECB ACO Level 1

This course runs over 11 weekly evening sessions and is for those who intend to umpire regularly for club or league. It covers the key Laws of Cricket and basic techniques of man and match management. No prior knowledge is required. An ECB Level 1 Umpire certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course and a multiple choice exam.

ECB ACO Level 1A

Of 10 – 12 hours duration (probably over two separate days) this is available to all umpires who have successfully completed Level 1. It is mandatory for the Umpire who wishes to target Level 2C or Level 2 as part of their development - either as a club or league panel umpire.

ECB ACO Level 2C

Nomination is by County and nominees will require Level 1 and 1A. Where offered, this course is a series of 6 modules of CPD (continuous professional development) each of 2 hours duration. It is an in-County version of the Level 2 course. (See note below regarding conversion to Level 2)
It is intended for any experienced official who wishes to refresh their knowledge and hone their skills with updates and interpretation of the Laws, field craft and techniques.

A Level 2C certificate is awarded on successful completion of all modules and review of their workbook via an in-County Professional Discussion.

ECB ACO Level 2

Nomination is through County to Region and nominees require a Level 1 and 1A and completion of a Pre-course Workbook.

It is intended for the experienced official who aspires to, and is thought would be capable of officiating in an ECB Premier League. Candidates will already be officiating regularly and successfully in a top feeder league.

This programme is of up to 2 years duration which includes a 2 day workshop, maintaining a learning log, boundary assessment and a professional discussion. It covers the application and interpretation of the laws, personal, man and match management, field craft and techniques. A Level 2 certificate is awarded on successful completion of a portfolio, assessments and professional discussion.

ECB ACO Level 2C to Level 2

Umpires who have successfully completed Level 2C can convert to Level 2 by completing the 2 day Level 2 workshop together with assessments and professional discussion in the season following application.

Details of BACO’s umpiring and scoring courses can be obtained from the Education Officer, Alan English or by visiting their website at http://www.bucksaco.org/

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