The closing date for nominations is Thursday 5th July 9:00am – this provides us with the time to organise Summer Holiday activity (U10-U13) & September trials (U14-U17)

Who Can Nominate Payers?


·         Clubs & Schools can nominate high performing/potential Boys & all Girls who play (or want to play) hard-ball cricket and

·         All players currently in Bucks Summer Squads will be re-nominated by us and do not need to be done so by Clubs/Schools (check if a player is in a Summer Squad at:http://www.buckscb.org/pwplayers.aspx)


To be qualified for the Buckinghamshire Cricket Board Player Pathway teams, players must meet 1 of the 4 criteria:

·         Born in, lives in, goes to School in or plays for Club in Buckinghamshire


At what ages are players eligible for Nomination?


·         Boys U10-U17 for 2019 season (stand-out Under 9s -competent-to-strong hardball cricketers- can be nominated for U10s)

·         Girls U11-U17 for 2019 (U9s & U10s can be nominated for U11 if play/want to play hard-ball cricket)



U10-U12 – at each individual age we will coach up to 80 players (based on the information provided by coaches) in the Autumn Training Programme, cut down to 50-60 for the Winter Programme and then 28 for the season.

U13-U15 – at each individual age we will coach 30 players in 2 phases of the Winter Training Programme and then split into County and Development Squads

U16 & U17 – this is one joint squad of up to 20 players

Please only nominate players who have a reasonable chance of making it through.


GIRLS: We want to increase our player/talent base for Girls and encourage Clubs & Schools to nominate ALL Girls who are keen to play hard-ball cricket as well as those who are already strong cricketers.

We will provide coaching for as many girls as possible and run County & Development teams at U11, U13 & U15 plus County U17s and Women


NB. You are nominating players for next season’s (2019) squads – i.e. current U9s are being nominated for Under 10s.




To Nominate:

·      Boys go to www.buckscb.org/nominateb.aspx

·      Girls go to www.buckscb.org/nominatewg.aspx


If the Player is already Registered on the www.buckscb.org website, find and click on their name on the Player Name menu


If Player is Not Registered you must contact the player’s parents to tell them that you wish to nominate them and ask the parent to register on the Bucks Cricket Board website by visiting http://www.buckscb.org/register.aspx


On the Nominations Form, you will be asked to provide us with some (brief) information about the player that can help inform our coaches when making selection decisions


Once all the nominations are in – we will contact all players and club’s nominating officers will information about the process for the year ahead.

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